Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey, this is all $150,000 will buy? But my good CEHHTHOLIC KIDS NEED A YARRD.

Jeanne's Original Post

My first issue with this post is the title. It is common place for Jeanne, when dealing with what she perceives to be a family issue, to elongate words in strange ways to make parents sound like idiots. I'm sure thinking of parents and SAHM's as stupid will go down beautifully with the parents whose students she'll be teaching. I guarantee if I found out my child's teacher had such disdain for me as a mother, I'd have him out of her class so fast your head would spin.

Now, Monahan (if I remember correctly) is trying to create a distinctly Catholic community. I don't know if it can or should be done in this day and age. I'm of the mind that our job as Christians is not to withdraw from society, but to transform it with the help of the Holy Spirit. But I digress. These appear to be starter homes, and in the price range of similar style homes in other areas. In fact, with home prices being what they are in Florida, this may in fact be quite reasonable. Perfect for a couple starting out.

How that makes Monahan greedy, I'm not sure. Perhaps he shouldn't make money? I've never quite understood that idea. I'd think he was greedy if he were grossly overcharging, or swindling people in some way, not just because he's making money. I mean, I'll bet Jeanne will make money in her teaching job, but I'm sure she doesn't think she's greedy for taking taxpayer money in exchange for her work. Why should she?

In addition the idea that "good Catholic kids need a yard" is utterly absurd. There are good Catholic children all over the world, including the United States who don't have yards. Yards are nice and all, but hardly a necessity of life. I tire of Mrs. Stark's simplistic view of parents as twittering idiots incapable of any deep or rational thought, especially if they are religious. After all, if she were to become a parent herself as she hopes, wouldn't she then too become a Catholic mother? But I'm sure she'd be much better than the rest of us. Proud that she puts her child in daycare and doesn't keep a clean house.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think SAHM's have the market cornered on good parenting, nor do I think that having a messy house makes you a bad mother. It's just the disdain for those who are different than her that gets to me. And it makes me wonder, if I tire of hearing it just in her blog, how tired must she be? After all, I can turn off the computer...navigate away from the page. But she has to live with her bitterness day in and day out.

For the sake of her health I hope that she vents these ideas on her blog and then is fine. It scares me to think that she's like this in real life.

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