Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love the Love

Just deleted a spam comment from "S" which listed itself as "S." Legal.

Not only were the facts not quite accurate, but shared a lot of my personal information. Like my address and phone number as well as past addresses not just of me, but of my husband also.

I find it interesting that I have never done more than share my opinion of Jeanne's blog, posts, or viewpoints. Certainly since Jeanne has made it clear to me that she has every right to free speech (something on which I wholeheartedly agree) she would wish me to also have that same right.  She's a fair person, right?  And believes in the rights of others as well?

I make no secret of disagreeing with Jeanne, or disliking her blog. These are my opinions. But I do not share personal, nor private information. I don't follow her around the internet (with the exception of things I read upon occasion when they're pointed out to me), heck I don't even use her last name. And for a reason. Even though I know her last name (not through digging, honestly, but because she's shared it on her blog and on the message board we were both on).  But she deserves her privacy. That's why I only write about things that she posts on the web (namely her blog).

This is an opinion blog. I write on it rarely, when I see something I find worth writing about.

I'm going to assume that "S" Legal is someone pretending to be the Floridian Blogger I discuss here. Certainly a devout Catholic, who has insisted on showing a kinder and gentler side, and someone who has stated that she loves people, free speech, and the equal rights of others would not stoop to such measures as posting my personal information on the internet simply because I disagree with her or share an opinion. Certainly I would never do such a thing to her either.

We all have our opinions and should feel free to share them openly. Right?

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