Thursday, May 5, 2011

What A Catholic Really Is

Today, Un pOLKA DOT in Tampa has posted this about what the "truth" is about the definition of a Catholic in good standing.

I think she and I have different definitions of the word "truth".  Or perhaps she's just using hyperbole.  While I've known a few Catholics who have a very narrow definition of who fits and who doesn't (seriously, there was a head-covering Catholic women's group online who believed if you didn't hear Mass in Latin, you weren't really a Catholic) they are by far, not the norm.

1. Since the Eucharist is equally valid whether you drink the wine or not, what does she care how others recieve it?  Seems she may be the one passing judgment on what makes a good Catholic with this one.
2. I don't get the whole 90 degree angle prayer thing.  Who said this to her, and why has she not been able to let it go?
3. Where a good Catholic lives as judgement, is in my opinion, all in her head.  Funny, I've never once heard anyone say anything about Catholics in Florida not being good enough.  Or Catholics from anywhere for that matter.  The only person I've ever heard criticize others for where they live, is Jeanne on her blog.
4. I was in a Catholic women's group with Jeanne online.  Most of us had jobs.  While there is certainly an element within Christianity in general that seeks to keep women in only the most traditional understanding of womens roles, this is hardly the norm, and I don't know why she should take it so hard.
5. I happen to live "Up North" though I grew up in a much warmer climate.  Trust me, no one whispers about hating the damned snow.  There are many things I love about where I live.  Six freaking months of Winter, is not one of them.
6. Most of the Catholic women I know are anything but bored.  But still, I'm sure that there are women of many faiths who are.  Still, are they something to be belittled and ridiculed and judged?  I don't think so.  If someone's faith has them so cornered that their lives are dull and unconnected, that's something to feel bad about for them.  Instead I feel like Jeanne's posts come across as she has nothing but disdain.
7. I have NEVER heard anyone say that you must have children in order for a marriage to be valid.  There are many biblical stories of infertility.  That Catholic women's group I was in with Jeanne?  Several women were struggling with infertility and it was hard.  They found comfort in our group, not judgement.  I don't know who has made Jeanne think this, but I wish she'd stop insinuating that it's some wide spread issue.  It isn't.  It sounds like one bitchy busy body said something to her.  Granted, I've had one of those bitchy busy body Catholic know-it-all's tell me about what they think I should be doing reproductively.  And it kinda sucks ass. That said, I don't take her to represent all Catholic women.
8. I call bullshit on the no laughter.  Where does she get these ideas?
9.  I'm flummoxed.  Got nothing.  Wool?  Really?
10. Even when I was a Minnesota Catholic (I'm not Catholic anymore) I never wore a wool dress.  Seriously, where does this come from?
11. Plenty of Northerners tan.  WTF?  I don't, and didn't even when I live in Southern California.  I'm a fair Celt.  But what does that have to do with being Catholic, or who's good enough?  Oh, wait, I remember: NOTHING.
12. How would she know who's having real fun?  Sounds judgmental to me.
13. We have a Catholic radio station in MN.  Relevant Radio.  Or at least we did last time I checked.  I would think that would make someone more Catholic, not less.
14. Even what car you drive?  She thinks people care?  They don't.
15. I think she meant HAVE a large house and lots of kids.  Seriously, no one thinks anyone is better for having that.  And if they did, they'd be wrong.
16. It's not that no one can say anything about homeschooling.  Homeschooling or not doesn't make a better Catholic.  It's that, since homeschooling has been accepted as a valid choice by the Catholic Church as a valid choice, if you don't agree, maybe it's not your job to tell all homeschoolers that they shouldn't, can't, or are doing it wrong.  Heck, maybe if someone is homeschooling, it's none of your business.
17. Yes, an accent makes you a better Catholic.  WTF?
18.  I call BS on voting Republican.  Although there are a certain number of Christians that think that GOP and Christianity are synonymous.  They're not representative of all of them.  And isn't it sad that they have such a narrow view?
19. and on....same old same old.

I think Jeanne has issues with other Catholics not because they don't think she's Catholic enough, but because she has an antagonistic online persona.  For example a while back she wrote a post about sharing on the Faith and Family website about having met Joseph Ratzinger before he was Pope.  It was a cool story, and if she'd just told it, I don't think it would be a big deal.  Lots of people were sharing I met the Pope stories.

But Jeanne includes in her comment "Fr Mike Scanlan TOR was there brought by my cousin.  He tells this story too.  Call him ask him."  This is the kind of thing that is common when dealing with Jeanne online.  She comes across as aggressive and antagonistic, and then she doesn't understand why people get defensive or start blocking her comments.

Maybe she doesn't understand how she comes across online.

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