Monday, May 5, 2014

This Is NOT a Hate Site

I found that I got a mention over at Simcha Fisher's blog.  But she called this a hate site.  Not so, Simcha!

Jeanne has a cartoon hate for me.  The kind that makes her want to publish my address and threaten me with legal action.  But I've never really hated her.

I find her particular brand of crazy, incredibly fascinating.  Sometimes I forget about her for months at a time, and then when I check in on her, I can't believe I was ever able to look away.

For example, This Post (with the weirdly long title) says
"UPDATE:  THE  NC Register editors EDITORS BANNED ME.  AGAIN.   IF these northern people who do not live here are so so great, then why is their church empty?  Why are the churches in Florida full, thriving and growing? 
But here it is ANYHOW.  God,  I can’t stand these ultra conservative Catholic Bloggers and neither can Pope Francis.  I just  don’t have the heart to tell them that a relative of mine and someone that I know in my Diocese of St Petersburg knows him very well.  
Don’t piss me off about stupid things."
 Um, say what now?  She's been banned again from a reputable website.  Clearly, the problem is everyone else's, and couldn't possibly have anything to do with her delivery.  Nope.  And she know's the Pope y'all.  They're practically BFF's.  Because she knows a guy who knows a guy.  And the last Pope had dinner at her house, she once said.

I think that makes her in charge.  So, yeah, no pissing her off about stupid things.  Or smart things.  Or...any things.

Better leave her alone, or she'll tell the Pope on you.  Now, granted, not a problem for me, since he's not the boss of me, but, if he's the boss of you, well, then you'd better get on Jeanne's good side. Quick! Move to Florida, or buy a gator or, something.  I don't know.  Just don't have babies or be a good Catholic.  She doesn't like that.  And you don't want to make her angry.  You wouldn't like it when she's angry.

Seriously, she's amazing.  Someone help me look away again.



  2. Stop doing this to this lady. You are a very mean and nasty lady.

  3. Admin of the Fire PitMay 7, 2014 at 6:01 PM

    Yeah we heard about your nasty fucktard website and how you go over and over and over again about your little girl you lost. THIS ONE IS NO BETTER. YOU ARE GOING TO GET BANNED.

  4. 3 new comments and they're all Jeanne!

    Well done, Jeanne.

    1. And how do you like the language coming from this Franciscan grad? And the mocking of people with intellectual disabilities? Yet she says you're the one who is mean and nasty. More of that flawless Jeanne logic. Seriously, I can tolerate a lot, but using a term that is derogatory toward people with disabilities is crossing the line.

    2. Jeanne definitely focuses on certain aspects of my life, and not others. For example, she must have missed that I have two children who are developmentally delayed.

      The truth of my life is that I'm busy. My work at home isn't holier-than-thou (like she said on the other site), it's dirty and it's time consuming, and while I love it, I don't think my life is better than anyone else's. It's just mine. But I don't see why I can't be proud of what I do. Everyone should. I'm not special or anything.

      For someone who makes it out like everyone else is always saying that they are such a good wife/catholic/mother/homemaker/whatever, I really only seem to see that from her.

      She's so much better because she lives in Florida/met the pope/doesn't bow too long/*doesn't* have kids/has a degree/whatever. The lack of introspection is astounding.

      Once, when I was pregnant with my last child (who we weren't sure was going to make it) she threatened me. But *I'm* the mean one.

    3. She's clearly mentally ill (my guess is bipolar and/or borderline, and whatever she has is being very poorly managed). And coupled with her infertility, she sees mothers as a threat. She just assumes that Catholic mothers, especially those with large families, think they're better than her, so she goes on the offensive. What I can't understand is why she takes it as a personal insult when anyone dares to live north of Florida, and I don't understand why she's so obsessed with Florida. I guess it's just a quirky manifestation of her mental illness. I used to feel sorry for her, but it is getting really hard to feel sorry for someone who is so cruel to others, including using a derogatory term toward special needs children. The only reason that I visit her blog at all (I think I've mentioned this before) is that I'm terrified that some incompetent social worker will entrust her with an innocent foster child.

    4. Seriously, I hate Florida. I had Disney and Universal in California, (I used to work at Disneyland) but minus the ungodly humidity and crazy people. If I had to chose between Minnesota and Florida, I'd choose Minnesota every time. I don't see why she can't see the rest of God's creation for it's beauty and wonder.

      And she really can be quite cruel. I'm sorry for the losses that she's had this past year. That's got to be tough. But she threw the loss of my daughter in my face over on Simcha's blog, like an insult. There's no call for that. She was downright awful to some women in our group on the old message board. Women who were struggling with Infertility and trying to get support.

    5. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, Muse Mama. And sorry that Jeanne threw it in your face on Simcha's blog. I somehow missed that. Probably because trying to make sense of her gibberish is sometimes beyond my capabilities. I share your hatred of Florida. I was never fond of it (I've been there three times), but since encountering Jeanne, I can honestly say that I will never set foot in that state again. I am not a fan of winter, but I'll take it over 90 degrees and extreme humidity any day.

  5. ...just found this site- she banned me from communicating via twitter when I defended some fellow Catholic homeschooling moms....

    1. Don't you love it? She complains about constantly being banned from the NCR and other blogs, but then she turns around and bans people left and right.