Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jeanne Has Thoughts on the NCLB...

Jeanne's Original Post

Now, there's a few things I should you tell you. One, the school I was hired at originally switched to uniforms. Thus, the decrease in enrollment. And the reason why I had to move. Our school district is one of the largest in the country. They say they have a budget.

So, they moved me to another school 10 miles away. It is more diverse and very urban. The kids are different, that is about all I can deal with right now. Many of them are different and well, I need prayer about the whole thing. And since this is a Christian blog, I can ask for that.
Fair enough. Jeanne, I will pray for you.

"It is our county policy," they said. But the weird part was leaving a classroom I had started the year off with and well, seeing several kids EXTREMELY UPSET ABOUT THAT WHOLE THING.

So, here I am three weeks later and well, I am almost not happy. I am very overwhelmed. I need to take a step back and catch my breath.
Welcome to the life of a brand new teacher. You're low man on the totem poll and the easiest to move around.

I question everything. This is my free speech right.
These are the statements that always surprise me. I'm glad she questions things, but did someone insinuate that it wasn't her free speech right?

I don't hate anyone, but the Masons don't want a school system. They want disorder and confusion all around and in the classroom. They want a world with THEIR GOD. They want a world with their idea of God. They are connected with every sorority and fraternity in the country and around the world, including all secret societies.
Okay, what do the Masons have to do with her being moved? What do the Masons have to do with anything she's talked about? Where is her evidence that they don't want a school system? The Mason's aren't a religion, but a Fraternal Organization that calls God the "Architect of the Universe". I understand that the Catholic Church has issues with the Masons, but this is an accusation I've never heard leveled at them before. If this is true, I'd like her to share how she's learned it. Otherwise it sounds like a really nutty conspiracy theory.

This is why I question homeschooling. These people say they are good Christians or even Catholics.

But they aren't. They are not in the classroom everyday and well, they are not donating to these poor kids I teach. Many of their parents have poverty issues. Tampa is a very expensive place to live.
Wait, Jeanne. You question homeschooling because of the Masons? Many homeschoolers are good Christians or Catholics, and you have no basis to say that they are not. None.

And what does being in the classroom every day have to do with anything? I'm not in the classroom every day, but one of my children is. I homeschool one and public school another. I also have several people who are close to me who are public school teachers, two of which taught in the inner city, one in Los Angeles and one in Long Beach. I would think the situation in these areas are at least as bad as Tampa.

The donation thing is big for Jeanne. Almost every issue she talks about it also related to who pays for it. From her infertility issues, to adoption, to abortion, to how many children others have, to homeschooling, to environmentalism. She justifies what she doesn't want to pay for and demands payment for the things she wants.

But, just for the record, many homeschoolers and people of faith contribute to charities that should help underprivileged kids. The "you don't donate" crud is just a way for Jeanne to justify her hatred of others.

They don't live here. They don't care. They don't want to care.

Strange, I don't see them here.
Jeanne, you don't live in Iraq. Does that mean you don't care about the war? Of course not! I can't live everywhere, no one can. It doesn't mean they don't care. If there were easy answers to education problems, they'd be solved by now. I find it surprising that you are now seeing first hand some of the problems in the public school system and still don't understand why some would choose to homeschool.

Perhaps I should say this:
Jeanne, you don't live in my home. You don't know my children. You don't care about them. You don't want to care. I don't see you here trying to help me. I don't see you offering me any assistance to get my kids into good schools. You've never asked me about my faith. You don't care. You just hate. And you call yourself a Christian.

That's about as fair as the accusations Jeanne levels at others. Stick to what you know, Jeanne, and for goodness sake, if you want to make accusations, have something to back it up.

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  1. So now the Masons are responsible for the lack of quality in the public education system? Wow. Nuts is too polite a word to describe this one.