Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pope Benedict & Condaleeza Rice: Jeanne's Take

Jeanne's Original Post

Pope Benedict to Condaleeza Rice, the representative of President Bush: Stuff it, I am on vacation and don't bother me with your "One World Order".

Don't believe it, click here.
Well, I couldn't see anything with the link, but I doubt it matters. It seems to me that if the Holy Father didn't see Condaleeza Rice the message was not delivered with a "Stuff it!". I think the Pope has a bit more class than that.

If you can't understand what is going on, you need to pray to the Holy Spirit and well, LISTEN.
I keep trying, but these posts are just as cryptic as ever. I need a Jeanne to English translator.

Regarding that comment about homeschooling, you hide your heads in the sand and are clueless about what is really going on in society. Don't bother to comment, I reject it. Many of you are influenced by Masons and are the reason why the schools are in bad shape in the first place.

Got that?

No, not completely. I can only assume that she's responding to someone's comments on homeschooling, but what on earth do the Mason's have to do with it? Color me confused. Someone commented on homeschooling (presumably a homeschooler because they're usually the people who tick her off) and she discounts whatever they said because they're likely being influenced by the Masons. Then she turns around and blames those Mason influenced homeschoolers for being the problem with the public schools? How can they be the problem if they're not using them? Maybe we should be glad that the evil, Mason influenced people are leaving. Of course, that's accepting her premise, which I don't. It's my belief that talk of Masons is either a joke, or some weird form of paranoia. I have no idea which.

Keep hiding your head in the sand. You certainly are not listening to the Holy Spirit but a overly scrupulous demonic spirit that is not of God.

How would she know? And regarding what? The Church values homeschoolers. So, that can't possibly be what she means. I love her stream of consciousness, yet at the same time I wish she'd give enough detail that the rest of us could follow along.

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