Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jeanne Tells Us What They Do To Homeschoolers In Florida

This is what we do to homeschoolers in Florida. We feed them full of food and put them on this.....

"ha Get sick we don't care."

Yes, another inventive post from Jeanne. Our fine Catholic friend found a You Tube video of a roller coaster and wishes that she could feed homeschoolers full of food and put them on it. Why? So that they'll get sick. After all, as she eloquently points out, she doesn't care. So why blog about it? Well, in my humble opinion it's because she's got some kind of sick hate on for people who make an educational choice for their children that she doesn't think is as good as public school. Kind of a severe hate for such a small difference of opinion, wouldn't you think? Not in JeanneLand!

I'm still surprised that someone who has a degree in journalism can't do little capitalize the first letter of a sentence. I know I bring up her education almost as much as she brings up homeschooling and stay-at-home-mom's. It's just strange to me.

I'll get on the rollar coaster full of food, Jeanne, as long as you're there waiting when I get off...


  1. Is this about the real Catholic religion that she's always talking about? Wishing people to be sick?
    Just because I homeschool, I sure don't wish those who choose other educational options for their children to get sick or suffer in any way. Very strange, sick woman!

  2. Maybe she belongs to some weird Catholic sect that I've never heard of? Maybe that's where the confusion has been all along!

    In Jeanne's Catholicism you must:
    Abhor Homeschooling
    Be a Democrat
    Love Florida
    Hate snow
    Wish terrible things upon those who disagree with you.

    Gee, I wonder why more people haven't signed up!