Tuesday, September 11, 2007

There are moments Jeanne is going to remember...

Jeanne's Original Post

What Jeanne doesn't know about homeschooling could fill a small library:

You don't get this with homeschooling. You don't get the diverse fellowship of different kids from all around town. But then again, I had a very diverse neighborhood for a suburb.
Jeanne, seriously, how would you know? Every time anyone on the homeschooling side attempts to dialog with Jeanne, she rejects it, becomes defensive, and is sometimes downright angry.

So, here's my chance to inform, though she may not read it or care.

Jeanne, schools don't guarantee a diverse group of kids unless one lives in a diverse neighborhood.

Homeschooling is not the same as seclusion. Homeschooling provides a number of opportunities to meet diverse groups of people. From local homeschooling support groups to nature classes at the nature center, to homeschooling events, to just being out and about, there are tons of ways for kids to meet people who are different than them. I remember one of my children sitting next to an exchange student from Korea on a plane once. They spent the whole flight talking about cultural differences and similarities. Before we disembarked I even took their picture together.

Jeanne makes so many assumptions about homeschooling that aren't backed up by anything at all. It's hard to take her seriously as an "educated professional" when she continues to speak with such authority on subjects over which she has absolutely no knowledge.


  1. She's opened comments again on her blog.

  2. She may have opened comments, but they are still moderated. I made a very respectful one questioning what had happened to cause her to feel the way she does about homeschoolers; I also asked her if her posts about Catholics were intended as farce, or was she truly angry. I sent her a link to blog and assured her I was not there for debate. I'm really curious!

    She ignored me.

  3. That should have read, "I sent her a link to MY blog."

  4. I'm not surprised. Jeanne doesn't often respond to anyone who disagrees with her. No matter how respectful it is. Anything that disagrees with her point of view is, according to her, written by some holier than thou homeschooling Catholic who doesn't know any better.

  5. That was a silly post on the other blog. There are plenty of science/ecology camp options for homeschoolers. But you wouldn't know that unless you bothered to look for them....