Friday, May 2, 2008

Pray For What, Exactly?

Jeanne's Original Post

Once again, Jeanne is upset about the Masons. She links to this article which talks about a Masonic conference in Washington and encourages Catholics to protest it. Why? Well, that part's a little fuzzy. As Jeanne is wont to do, she fails to provide any reason why this is a bad thing. In fact, I've commented on a number of Jeanne's Masonic posts asking her to explain about the Masons. Her silence can only be taken as an admission that she has nothing to go on.

Masons aren't Satanic, they don't hate God, and they don't hate Catholics. Well, unless you live in the World-According-To-Jeanne in which they (along with Homeschoolers and Republicans) are responsible for everything from global warming, to the price of eggs. I can't roll my eyes hard enough. I'll hurt myself.

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