Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time To Pray For Jeanne, Or So She Says

Jeanne's Original Post

There are so many bloggers out there. Some write to share a passion for Politics, some for Faith, others share their personal lives and struggles in an effort to share the journey that they are on. Jeanne is the first blogger I've seen who really writes to those who don't like her. Her posts are antagonistic as she makes wild assumptions about her readers and what they think.

But don't worry, like good Floridians hubby and I stopped at our church for adoration BEFORE we left and before I hurt my foot. We like you do not DO NOT STAY THERE ALLLLL DAY. We believe in quality of prayer not quantity. And God Smiled...

I have no guilt for living here. We can do all the church stuff, the adoration, Mass, and AND A PARTY EVEN AFTER TAKING A FALL.

What a life! We do not live in a boring place. :)

Hey, Jeanne. Like me you don't stay there all day? Really, I don't stay there all day. I haven't been to adoration in some time, personally.

And how exactly do you know that God smiled? Do you see Him?

Who said you should have guilt for living in Florida? According to you Florida is the end-all-be-all of places to live and I should feel guilt because I live up North. Remember, you said God loves the swamps. But just so you know we can do all of those things, church, adoration, Mass and a party. Even when injured.

Just out of curiosity, where exactly are the boring places to live? And how do you know that they're boring? Or is it just that air of superiority that you like to display while condemning others for what you perceive as superiority? Let me tell you, that gets kind of old after a while.

One day I'd like to meet the woman that Jeanne seems to write to. She's gotta be something else.


  1. haha interesting blog. Curious, do you know Jeanne personally?

  2. Nope. Just through the on-line world.

  3. Why not?

    And what exactly am I jealous of? That big chip on your shoulder?