Monday, May 12, 2008

Pay For Jeanne's Adoption...blah blah blah

Jeanne's Original Post

Another post that revolves around money, one of Jeanne's favorite subjects. She starts her post with a link to the fee schedule for an adoption agency.

Do it for God or you are not Pro-life and your Christianity is near crap.

Total cost - about $20,000.

Your bank account in some bad a** northern bank account == nothing. Remember you are saving for your Disney Vacation that you take every year. Cost $4,000 bucks.

Jeanne assumes that Catholic women disdain her. The truth is, Jeanne disdains other Catholic women. Almost everyone is beneath her. She works in gross over generalizations and wild stereotypes.

Jeanne, you love to say how you shouldn't have to pay for this or that. Like you shouldn't have to pay for women who choose to stay home. But we have to pay for your adoption or we're not even Christians? Can you show me where you find that in the Bible or the Catechism?

By the by, I live in Minnesota, but my bank is in California. And we don't take expensive family vacations.

And remember your freakn' tan is fading.

I can hear you now. "Well, you shouldn't be spending sooooh muuhch to go riding around Florida every weeeeekund. And Yuuuhrr marruggge is noaaat valid without chiilllrunn."

Jeanne thinks she has me all figured out. Only, I don't tan. I don't like tans. And I don't care how much she spends. It's her money, she can spend it as she sees fit. As for her marriage, it's none of my business. And there's nothing in the Catholic church that says her marriage isn't valid without children. I truly believe that's all in her head. I doubt anyone has actually ever said it to her. It's what she thinks other people say.

In my opinion, I think Jeanne has a massive inferiority complex and is actually herself concerned that her marriage isn't valid without children. Fear not, Jeanne, it is.

Let's see, cost of your up north mooorgggugge = 2,000 buck a month. Fuel oil bill for the entire winter - $5,000 bucks. Cost for your husband's rogaine so he can keep that sorry job that keeps you the Catholic princess in a Lexus or a junk car = $1,000 a year. Cost for you Ms. Good CATHOLIC to not work for the most of your adult life so you can stay home with your kids = YOUR RETIREMENT MONEY AND THE cost of Gas to the Welfare line.

A few misconceptions there, Jeanne, that need clearing up:
  1. Mortgages range in price here, but they're generally less expensive than your neck of the woods.
  2. It doesn't cost me that much to heat my house. We care about the environment and do our best not to eat up energy in the Winter. But I don't think it costs that much for anyone unless they live in a palace of some sort *shrug*.
  3. My husband is Chicano with a ton of hair. No rogaine for my man. But God loves bald men too, Jeanne, and how very unkind of you!
  4. I don't drive a Lexus. I drive a minivan. Bought it used. Both our cars are paid for.
  5. Most women driving Lexus's with husbands hard at work aren't in the welfare line. But God loves welfare recipients too, Jeanne. If we're not Christian if we don't help pay for your adoption, are you not Christian for your unkindness toward the downtrodden?
  6. You love to say that God loves the swamps of Florida. Do you think He doesn't love the Frozen North?
  7. You should really be more respectful of the choices of others. God loves working moms and stay-at-home moms. Who are you to judge? You're no better than the women you rail against. Judgmental and mean-spirited.
Cost of you reading this blog = nothing.
I don't know. I'm pretty sure that's 15 minutes I can never get back.

My inside reaction to your hypocritical pursed lips that are going "Humpph" to this blog = priceless.

Right. Because everything you do is all about what reaction you will get. You care an awful lot about what we think, don't you Jeannie?

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