Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally Found This Blog, Jeanne?

What took you so long? I sent you the link months and months ago.

Jeanne's Original Post

COPY CAT'N IS A SIN. I am too busy for this stuff. This person has nothing else to doShut it down or I call Blogger personally.

I always thought it was the sincerest form of flattery. But I guess you say tomato...
As for Blogger, I can't imagine what I'm doing that's against their TOS. I always quote you and provide a link to anything you've said. Aren't you the one who's always saying that you have freedom of speech? Well guess what? So do I. Still, feel free to find scripture to back up your claim that this blog is a sin. I'm listening.

Jealous little fiend? Show thy face. I am at Franciscan University until the end of the month.

Jealous of what? I tried commenting on your blog to have a discourse about the subjects you blogged about. While you were very excited about your own freedom of speech, you didn't extend that same freedom to others. That's certainly your right. After all, it's your blog. But you write about a number of subjects that I think should be challenged. Since you wouldn't allow it on your site, I started my own in which I could answer you. Sorry you don't like it. But honestly, that has nothing to do with jealousy or a desire to meet you. Or was it that you wanted to meet me? If so, you'll have to come to Minnesota.

If you don't, this shows what type of person you are: small minded and must be told what to do.

Really? That's what it means? If that's what you think, Jeanne, I'm okay with it. But let's look at it this way: which one of us has told the other to not use their free speech? Which one of us doesn't allow comments on their blog posts? Which one of us is afraid of healthy challenge in their thought?

Add that to not being able to go to the beach.

You have a stick up your God given behind.

I can go to the beach. I just get on a plane and go to my parents house in California. I grew up near the beach. Frankly, you can have it. I'm not a beach girl. I'm fair skinned and I burned. I think you are too. I do love the ocean and all of it's many animals, but sitting on a towel isn't for me. Honestly, I'm not really an outdoorsy girl at all. I'm a geeky, sit around the house and read fantasy novels girl. But who am I to judge beach lovers? You enjoy it!

As for the stick comment, I can only say that it sounds kinda harsh from a beach loving, easy going gal like yourself. There's room on the internet for both of us, and for two different opinions. Really. Feel free to come here and read a different perspective anytime. Perhaps one day you'll see that people can have a different opinion than yours and still not be out to get you.

Because I'm not out to get you. I'm just trying to present a different side of the things you like to talk about.

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