Saturday, June 14, 2008

Answering Jeanne

Jeanne's original posts can be found at

Jeanne says:
Hey the other side... you are not as widely read as I am

Well, Jeanne your statement would be accurate if that were my main blog. But it's not. My main blog can be found at

Upon first glance one might think that my homeschool blog hasn't been too widely read. But it's actually in it's 3rd home. It started at blogger, moved to blog-city, and now to wordpress. It was over 500,000 hits when it moved most recently. This blog was created only to answer you Jeanne because you wouldn't allow my comments on your blog. I always sent comments that were kind and respectful, but you didn't post them because they disagreed with you. And that's okay. It's your blog and you can post whatever comments you see fit. I'll just answer your posts here. But please don't say that it's because the comments weren't nice. That's simply not true.

"I haven't been to adoration in some time, personally."


Maybe you should.

You're probably right. But I have long learned that I don't have to be in a special chapel to find time with God. For me, getting to adoration is difficult with work schedules and small children. Thankfully our God is big enough to let me worship Him anywhere.

If this internet troll on findmeinfloridaagain2 would shut up I will turn the comments back on and reject them Did Amy Wellborn have this problem? I think maybe she did. But like her I turn my comments off when I needed to do so.

As you are so fond of reminding your readers, the internet offers a forum for free speech. I have never once asked you to shut up, nor will I do so unless I feel particularly motivated.

Those ladies on findmeinfloridaagain2 are trolls. What is a troll?

In fairness, as you pointed out, this isn't exactly a widely read blog. But I'm not a troll, just a blogger who couldn't comment on your posts.

An internet troll is defined as:
"In the context of the Internet, a troll is a person who makes inflammatory or comments, which by effect or design cause disruptions in discourse, or a post made by such a person. Trolling can be described as a breaching experiment, which, because of the use of an alternate persona, allows for normal social boundaries and rules of etiquette to be tested or otherwise broken, without serious consequences."

Unfortunately you are misapplying the definition in this case. No alternate persona here. You know exactly who I am. We were in a buddy group together on Ovusoft before you were banned. Repeatedly. I believe it's actually you who has made a habit of making inflammatory comments. All I have done here is create a place where the things you talk about can be discussed regardless of one's opinion.

You've created a blog that shares your view. Good for you. But this one will continue to express a contrary opinion and allow others to speak (so long as it's appropriate).

Also, I think it's fair to share with the readers that Jeanne knows about my homeschooling blog and my journal that I kept at LiveJournal. In fact Jeanne posted anonymously on both (I know it's her because of her IP address) threatening to turn me in to the local authorities for homeschooling my children.

In every encounter with Jeanne I have attempted to be respectful and allow her to share her opinion as I share mine. But it's Jeanne who made physical threats on my person that got her banned from our message board, Jeanne who threatens to turn me in to the authorities because she doesn't approve of how I parent, and Jeanne who repeatedly tells me to shut up.

Not exactly the non-judgmental, laid back beach chick she presents herself to be.



    Get a second opinion for your son.

    Get him tested at a major university. They misdiagnose many kids.

    I care.

  2. I have plenty to do. But I find snippets of time during my day for internet play. It's often while I'm nursing the baby or kids are napping.

    Honestly, we don't need a second opinion. A whole team of people have been involved in his diagnosis, and a whole team is involved in diagnosing our 2 year old son.

    I'm aware that some kids are misdiagnosed, and if they were insisting on medication I'd be more inclined to find that second opinion. But, right now, they're offering him classes and services that are making things easier for him and making him happier.

    And, odd as it may sound, I'm okay with being a mom to autistic kids. They're such great kids, I'm just glad they're mine.

    And I'm glad that what makes my son different has a name and that they can do things to help him get along socially and be comfortable with who he is.

    And thank you for caring.

  3. Maybe it would amuse Jeanne to know that our other blog has been in existence for less than a week and it already has over 1700 hits. Hers has been in existence for 8 years and has had 10000 hits. Just a bit of math.