Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Great Author Gives Us A One Act Play

Jeanne's latest post, entitled "ASH WEDNESDAY......A TIME FOR PRAYER AND MEDITATION AND SOMETIMES PRAYER ON THE BEACH IN FLORIDA..... A GREAT PLACE FOR THE ROSARY ON THE SAND..." (because God Forbid she should use lower case letters when she can shout at her readers) includes a one-act play. How this one act play could ever be done is uncertain considering the lack of dimension to her characters and the inaccurate political message it sends.

Just as a clarification for you, Jeanne, minimum wage in Florida is not $5 and hour. According to this site, "Florida's minimum wage is $7.21 per hour, effective January 1, 2009. This is up from the $6.79 per hour minimum wage in 2008." which really cancels out your idea that people aren't voting for wage increases. Obviously they are.

I really enjoy how Jeanne's villains are all pro-life. I find that odd considering that Jeanne herself is pro-life. Certainly if there are pro-lifers out there who, like her, have a liberal view toward many social issues, there could be (and in fact are) more like her. It's never seemed like family values to me personally to be pro-life while voting in legislation that can hurt families. But, as usual, Jeanne seems incapable of seeing that there could be anyone who feels that way and doesn't vote exactly the way she does.

But this is classic Jeanne posting. The complete vilification of those whose viewpoints differ from hers at all. And all shouted at us with a written tone that crosses the border into something shrill and painful to read.

I actually think I can recap the gist of Jeanne's blog in a few simple sentences:
1. She hates homeschoolers.
2. She hates other Catholics.
3. She hates anyone not from Florida, who makes more money, or who differs with her politically.
4. She's totally right all the time. So there.

I think that about covers it!

*Note* After this blog post was published, Jeanne removed her one-act play. It was there, but you'll just have to take my word for it. Maybe she realized it was rather judgmental and unkind.


  1. You're giving her waaay too much credit. I've yet to see Jeanne write any one kind word about anyone other than herself or her husband. She just didn't want to be hassled for it.

  2. where are you now? dealing with the healthcare crisis.


  3. Thanks for chiming in, Jeanne. Not exactly sure what that comment meant, or who it was intended for, but it's always interesting to have you share. And you're more than welcome to, anytime.