Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Changes? Or Not So Much

Original Post: After many years, I am changing my blog.

Jeanne has decided that she needs to change and live more peacefully. Or at least that's what she says. I haven't quite figured out exactly what's changed. Although, perhaps I need to give her more time. She did, after all, just post this today. It's just that, if she were changing to be more peaceful, one would think that she'd say something different, or say it in a different way, and yet, there is none of that in her post. Though I will say I'm grateful that it wasn't all shouted at her readers in caps.

Jeanne says in her post, "I am a human being who loves God's Creation and God and others. I try to love. " but will those she's previously railed against feel loved at all by her? I don't think so. At least not yet.

Here are some examples of what I mean. Jeanne has always hated homeschooling. Is she going to be more peaceful toward those who practice it?
"There are too many weirdos who for fear of the government
asking for money choose to do something they are not qualified to do: TEACH at home and HOME DOCTOR. "
Well, there you have it. Homeschoolers are weirdos. And they only do it because they fear the government (not true AT ALL, I can assure you). How very loving of her. And, of course, she reminds us that they're not qualified to teach their children. An opinion she has formed without any research and has offered repeatedly without offering any evidence of her own. Somehow I'm not feeling the peace. Nor am I at all sure why home doctoring goes with homeschooling. Color me confused. Not a new experience on Jeanne's blog.
"The homeschoolers are no better because I received DEATH THREATS AND RUDE LETTERS AND COMMENTS FROM THOSE PEOPLE. "
I've never claimed to be better than Jeanne. I'm still convinced that's her perception of what people are thinking, and not actual reality. And I certainly can't speak for all homeschoolers, but I can tell you that I've never sent Jeanne anything but comments which disagreed respectfully with her point of view. Disagreement is not, in and of itself, rude. As for death threats, I hope that's not true. No one deserves that.
So now my husband and I are going to think about trying to live like St Francis and be peaceful.

If you do otherwise, it is on your tab, your soul, and we will let the evidence stand against the reality of what is.

So go there now.

I am moving beyond the arguing and the gasping of the Catholics who think they follow church teaching but have more than ego to show for it. I am sick of them.
I hope you do go live like St. Francis, Jeanne. I believe it would do wonders for your heart, and that you have a passion which could be used to do great things. But I also think it's important that each of us look to remove the plank in our own eye before removing the speck from our brother's. And what I most hear you complain about: judgment, is what I most hear from you toward others. You judge those who homeschool, those whose politics differ from yours, those with big families, those who wear dresses, etc.

The world is an amazingly diverse place. And all of us, with our myriad of experiences, both educational and from our lives, will bring something unique with us into the world. What wonderful things could be accomplished if we'd all look past our own prejudices and stereotypes, and find ways to learn from one another.

For what it's worth, I think Jeanne could have a lot to teach. I don't really know yet, because I've never felt like I've really heard her over all her anger.

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