Friday, July 30, 2010

The Faith And Family Debacle

Interestingly, I got Facebook messages about the Faith and Family comments Jeanne made.  By the time I went to check it out, her comments had been removed.  But it seems Jeanne had the effect she usually does.  First she left readers perplexed, and then offended.  But you know, what can people expect?  After all, we can't all be super-cool Floridians who know everything.  Some of us are getting by without all of Jeanne's wisdom all the time.  Some of us don't totally get Jeanne's wisdom and wonder if she does?  What does it sound like in her head, and how is it that someone who is supposedly a published writer has such difficulty expressing herself through the written word online?

So many questions, so little time.  So, what exactly happened, anyway?

The Faith And Family Live! site apparently spends one day a week talking about marriage.  The post seemed innocuous enough.  It was a call to encourage people to share about marriage.  No big deal, right?  Only to Jeanne, I think marriage and family is always a big deal, and I've never seen her react to what has actually been written.  This was no exception.

The comments responses are quite telling, and worth a read.  I can gather that Jeanne must have said something about women not being able to think for themselves.  A thought that wouldn't come up at all from what was actually written thus far in the post and comments.

Due to the comment being (as per her usual) incoherent and totally out of place, not to mention generally uncharitable and generally antagonistic, it was removed by the Admin.

In response, Jeanne wrote a scathing blog post.  Once again, she was being censored.  Not because she rambles, insults, and is thoroughly unkind and condescending.  No! Of course not!  It's because people are mean and unwilling to have their minds opened by the gracious Floridian.  She goes off, responding to things that simply weren't there, but which she believes to have been there, just under the surface.

Jeanne is a great Catholic, and believes that people should be Catholic.  And yet appears to despise other Catholic women.  I don't get it.  I think Freud would have some ideas though...

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