Sunday, August 5, 2007


Jeanne's Original Post

"Somethings to note: I will never homeschool my kids. I need the retirement money which when you retire: don't come to see me. I am not lending money to you.


My first note: All caps make it look like you're shouting. I understand that your degree in journalism probably didn't cover proper nettiquette, so I thought I'd let you in on that little idea. If you mean for it to look like you're shouting in so many posts and blog titles, so be it. But it does add to the general hysterical feeling one gets when reading your blog. It makes it sound like you're on the edge of sanity and really just barely hanging on.

Now my second note: Not all homeschooling parents stay at home and don't make any money. I would venture to guess that a great majority do, but not all. For those that do work outside the home, they will be earning the money to support their family and themselves and won't need your help.

For those who do stay home, plans are made and money is carefully budgeted. They also won't need your help, or money.

I understand why that's difficult for you. I think your bitterness over your infertility and your jealousy of those who are able to so completely devote themselves to family is hard for you to swallow.

No one wants your money, Jeanne. No one is coming to you for retirement money. We have our own plans. You should probably stop worrying about us and focus on your own issues. Please. You appear unstable.

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