Sunday, August 12, 2007

Remember that job She interviewed for? She was hired to teach!

Jeanne's Original Post

My response:

Jeanne, homeschoolers know what curriculum means. If you knew even half about homeschoolers what they know about public school, you would know that already.

Most Catholic homeschoolers don't just use a Bible or Catechism to teach their students. While these are valuable tools, they don't begin to encompass the many resources available to homeschoolers these days. Even, Catholic homeschoolers.

I can't think of anyone who would have told you not to have a blog. This is still the United States and you have the right to free speech, however insane it may appear to others.

It does frighten this blogger, however, that anyone trusts you to be in a classroom. Actually, Jeanne, I hope you keep blogging. I think you could single handedly increase the rate of homeschoolers in Florida who choose to do so simply out of the fear that they might have you for a teacher.

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