Thursday, August 23, 2007

Since You Were So Kind...

Jeanne, since you were so kind to share Florida's state standards with all of us, I thought that perhaps you'd be interested in knowing the state laws regarding homeschooling. Now, I know that you have a hard time believing that us "dumbschoolers" could actually comprehend legal terminology, but we can and we do.

Turns out that the state that you adore has absolutely no issue with homeschooling.

Florida State Homeschooling Laws

I'd love to turn this around and ask if you believe that your state is so vastly superior to anyone else's, why they allow such an abomination as homeschooling to occur within it's borders? Of course once I asked about swamps and hurricanes, and was informed that God made and loves swamps. I concur. It's just a shame you can't see that the same holds true for forrests, rivers, and, yes Jeanne, even snow.

No, I don't think my state is superior to anyone else's. I just think it's funny the amount of energy she puts into explaining (repeatedly) that she's from Florida.

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