Friday, September 24, 2010

Cartoons and Odd Sentences....

Sometimes I read Find Me In Florida Again and think, is there ever anything she sees and likes that she doesn't post?  Doesn't she have people in real life that she can share with on occasion?

I'm betting no one is really interested in Cathy cartoons.  I'll bet no one understands what "REALITY CHECK : HERE IS WHERE ALL THE CATHOLICS IN THE USA." means, either.  Probably because they don't understand why a reality check would be necessary, or why she didn't write "here is where all the Catholics in the USA are."    God forbid she give up the caps lock key.  Personally, I have trouble imagining that the same person who put that sentence together holds a degree in journalism and teaches.  Funny, even though I'm not homeschooling now, she's still my argument for why it's sometimes better.

Oh, and note to the incompetent hacker: If you're trying to get the log in information for this blog by having it reset, they send that all through my e-mail, so you'll need to hack that first.  Good luck.

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