Monday, September 20, 2010

Take It Down?

So, Jeanne started calling me on Skype last night.  I told her I didn't have time to talk, via skype instant message.  I really didn't.  I was playing a game with my husband and our friends.  But, today, I got on Skpe again.  I really only got on to see if she'd answered me.  She had, and she called again.  Our conversation was thirty seconds long.  She ordered me to take down this site, or she'd report me to the authorities.  She says she's already reported me to Blogger, but  I've heard nothing from them.

I will probably take this site down at some point.  As anyone can see, 39 posts in two years with a one year hiatus, means I don't spend a lot of time here.  But, call me stubborn, I just don't want to because Jeanne has decided to threaten me.

It's totally childish.  I'll own it.

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