Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prayers, For Me?

Since I doubt Jeanne actually listens to what I've said, though I know she reads it, I'll address this to everyone else.  Once again, I think Jeanne is projecting.  That I'm jealous of her is...let's just say, it's a reach.
She is right about the long Winter, though.  I'm a California girl, and Northern Winters are still something I don't get.  But we have warm coats and good heaters, and snow can even be fun.  Plus, anytime I want to go visit California, I do.  The beauty of airplanes.

I'm grateful that Jeanne has decided to be above posting my address online, a level of vicious I've never sunk to with her.  I discuss what she's posted on this blog, and what I think.  But that's it.  I'm not even sure how long I want to continue to do that.  It's not like she hears me, or will have any kind of reasonable discourse with me. I just dislike the idea of shutting down my blog because she's being a bully.

I already own New In Town, but it was nice of Jeanne to offer me a copy.

I wish she could understand that I grew up close to Universal and Disney, and that working at Disneyland was my first big job.  I've said it before, but it's like she's stuck on how great Florida is and how much I must want to be her.  And when I explain why that's not the case, I only get the same answer.  But it doesn't make me want to live in Florida any more than I did before.  I get how fun it is to live close to big theme parks.  And I still have the option of going when I'd like to.  But those things don't make me want to move to Florida.  Nor do they make me jealous.  Were they supposed to?  I thought she was complaining about my jealousy, but maybe she's just hoping that she'll tell me about the things she likes and I'll get jealous.  I'm not totally sure.  It reminds me of a little kid pointing out her really cool toys, and then saying "Aren't you jealous of me?"  Well, no, not really, but thanks for asking.

I suppose I should be grateful that she's asking for prayers for me (while calling me jealous, histrionic, and showing off) but really, it's not necessary.  I'm doing just fine, thanks.  She should just keep posting about what ever interests her, and when I feel the need to share my thoughts on a subject, I'll do so.  If she doesn't like this blog, she certainly doesn't have to read it.


  1. Get a life and why are you really wasting your time???? YOU MUST HAVE A LOT OF IT.

  2. Thank you for proving my point, Jeanne.