Thursday, June 7, 2007

On the night before the Charismatic Conference...

On the night before the Charismatic Conference at the Franciscan University... I am now in critical thinking mode ready to ask Big Q's

Jeanne's Original Post
"2. And what did the Republican party REALLY DO FOR PRO LIFE = NOTHING. "

There are many answers to this question that can be easily argued by some conservative blogs and websites such as this one. But if you choose to join a political party that openly says they will do nothing, I don't know how you can criticize the other party for not accomplishing more. Especially when they have to fight your party to do so. There are many dedicated Christians in both political parties. My argument is only with her anger at the Republican party for, in her opinion, not doing anything about abortion.
""I am sorry I don't have time to discuss your political disorder, I have four critical graduate level papers to do and articles to read.""

So, she asks these questions, but refuses to discuss them? Because she has things more important to do than discuss an opposing political view (besides, as she pointed out, it's not a political disagreement, it's that those who think differently than she does have a "disorder"). She has big important graduate type things to do. This elitist snob attitude gets old quickly, and seems to be the only thing the blogger has going for her.
"And BTW, 8100 readers can't be wrong. I just might tell them I have a blog to see how duh they are.

And BTW, I turned off my comments. The duh head homeschoolers are the only ones who read it and answer.

I need to ask them "where is your true curriculum?" = control freaks."

So many hits to her blog, and yet, so many comments that disagree with her views that she shut them down. Meanwhile the invitation to comment still stands in her header. Still, it's not a classic FMIFA blog post without the obligatory attack on homeschoolers and the third grade insults. I'm pretty sure I haven't been called a "duh head" since I was at least eight years old.

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