Sunday, June 24, 2007

Well Well wellllllllllllll, this Floridian goeth home in one week:

Well Well wellllllllllllll, this Floridian goeth home in one week: some thoughts and a mention I am on a famous blog

Jeanne's Original Post

"I am on a famous blog. Dr. Marcellino Amb... I guess I don't have to kneel in a perrrrrrrrfect 90 degree angle to be a good insecure Catholic. "
I can't imagine a church service where someone goes around making sure that people are kneeling at perfect 90 degree angles. And I think some of the most inspiring blogs on the net are written by people who struggle with their faith. I've never seen anyone question the blogger's faith. Only how she words her post. Someone is concerned about her being on that blog, however. If you read here there is a comment at the bottom. Just one. And it's someone wondering if the blogger meant to put her blog in his sidebar.
"I am very under pressure and I MISS THE BEACH. REASON: mY OBSERVATIONS AROUND HERE ARE THE REASON WHY. I am shaking my head at thOSE minor abnormal behavior I have observed around here. I am not naming names, but some of this is VERY ABNORMAL. Lace scarves worn by women in church who want to show off. Someone who wears a thick coat/sweater in the 90 degree heat and a scarf on the head that looks awful. I feel sorry for this person because IT IS ABNORMAL TO DO THIS.

THIS PERSON NEEDS PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP. I am nice to this person. Sad but true. "

How does Jeanne know that they're dressing the way they do to show off? Modesty is a very real issue for many women who take it seriously and are trying to find the best way to be modest and honor God. I find it very narrow to think that only people who do it your way are doing it right. The last sentence is another one that is very judgmental. It makes me sad for Jeanne because that kind of bitterness eats away at a person.
"And something else I don't get: why some or most stay about a minute after Mass ends.

Are we not supposed to take Jesus into THE WORLD TO BE SOME EARTHLY GOOD TO THE REST OF THE PLANET?"

I'm glad that she at least phrases the first part of this as a question. I would assume that a few people stay after the Mass ends to pray. But she ruins it after that by insinuating that those who do aren't following God's command. And considering the rest of the post it seems that she may be saying that they too, are just showing off how Holy they are. I'm sad for her that she sees no more than this.
"Why is the rest of the world or the city not converted? Why is (MIDWESTERN WHITE PERSON'S ACCENT) ABB ARRRRRTION STILL LEEEEE GALLL?"

How insulting. Jeanne has a hate on for all persons Northern or Midwestern and frequently makes fun of them in this way. How very Christian of her! I'd like to know what she expects them to do to get abortion made illegal. She's made it clear that she doesn't think the Republican party (to which she assumes all self-righteous Catholics belong) is doing a thing for abortion. But she openly backs a party that supports it's legalization. This is an attempt to bring other Catholics down a peg and put them in her place. As if that's her job.
"Grab an oar, you duh head you are paddling for your life."

I think this sums her attitude up beautifully.

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