Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jeanne Warns: Watch What You Pray For

Watch what you pray for you may actually see it answered in your lifetime...

Jeanne's Original Post

"Regarding a comment I rejected about homeschooling. Hear this: if you homeschool we should have a levy to increase your millage and tax you on your land even more. This is because since you are willing to allow tax money to be wasted. This is because you are willing to pay double for your child's education and then claim that you cannot afford it for some silly reason.

Duh............. isn't that what we have schools for? I guess you all are willing to pay taxes for nothing.

Ah, another obligatory attack on homeschoolers (insert weary sigh here). I think Jeanne is confused. One of the things we hear over and over is how our schools are underfunded. Homeschoolers who are homeowners pay property taxes that help fund public schools and pay for their own child's education and she thinks that's wrong?

If a parent put their child in a private Catholic school (something the FMIFA blogger seems to not take issue with) they would still fund public schools through property taxes. Why are they not being attacked for wasting money?

And many parents who homeschool can't afford a private school, even if that's what they wanted to do. The private Catholic High School down the street from my house is $10,000 a year. And I have more than one child. My family could not affort that. But more people can afford several hundred dollars for a good Catholic curriculum.

Homeschooling isn't just done because parents don't want to put their kids in public schools, or because they have something against the school system, or because they can't afford a private tuition. Many parents homeschool because they enjoy being with their children, teaching them, and sharing that with them.

The logic in this post is severely flawed. She thinks people are paying double for their children's education. Several thousand dollars are spent per pupil in our local public schools. Considering we have more than one child, what we pay in property taxes wouldn't cover even one of them for the school year.

No one is paying double, Jeanne. And you should thank homeschooling parents who are providing more money to educate the students who are in the public schools and can benefit from it.

"Duh"? Well, I guess this is where we see the journalism degree really paying off.

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