Monday, March 4, 2013

Free Speech?

These days, it's only for some people.

Once again, I'd like to make it clear that I've NEVER threatened the writer of the FMIFA blog.

Don't get me wrong.  I've never cried in my Wheaties because Jeanne doesn't like me.  I used to try to talk to her, and with her though open dialog.  Because that's how grown ups do it on the internet.  And because I find her kind of fascinating.  I talked to her once on Skype, when she initiated contact with me, and once on Facebook when it was brand new.  But Jeanne never wanted to talk to me or with me via any medium.  She only wanted to talk at me.  And it usually consisted of her accusing me of being a bully and telling me to shut up.  But I'm a big girl.  I can take it.

I really don't want to make this a big she said/she said.  Anyone who was on our message boards would know what happened.  I'd bet anyone who's had to deal with her over at Faith & Family  could probably guess at the truth as well.  And that's not really the point of this blog.

I've never told her not to post.  Never told her to be quiet.  Never tried to infringe at all upon her freedom to say whatever she wanted.  What would I have to discuss, if she stopped her blog?  I like her blog, though for entertainment purposes only, not enlightenment.

What I wanted to do was comment on her writings, and opinions.  It seems that if you put yourself in the public sphere with blogs and such, you should expect that.  Commenting, I mean, not threats and harassment.  Jeanne is so much more interesting when you can interact with her.  She didn't welcome that interaction on her blog.  I can respect that.  So, I do it here.

It's funny to me that she thinks I need to get more original with the Blog Title.  Um, it's a response blog.  It's the other side.  I'm sorry Jeanne doesn't get it, but I'm good with it.  I should add that I've always been honest with Jeanne about this blogs existence.  I'm not hiding anything.

That said,  I have always drawn a line.  That line is at privacy.  Whatever I think of Jeanne, she is a real person and I will never share her private information here, even though she is just as searchable as I am.  I disagree with her, but I respect her right to privacy.

Interesting that this very good Catholic woman would not seek to offer me the same basic respect I have shown her.  I disagree with her and do so openly.  I would welcome the same in response.   By publishing private information (even though it is not all correct) she has shown more about her true character, in my opinion than anything else she's written.  But seriously, since she posted my address, don't you want to send me flowers now?

Game on, indeed.  I will continue to be respectful of Jeanne's privacy.  But I will not be afraid to give my opinion in the public sphere, and exercise my right to free speech, just as she does.  I will keep bringing on the snark (which, in case you're reading Jeanne, is different than harassment and threats). 

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