Thursday, March 7, 2013

Permission Denied

Find Me In Florida Again has gone private.

The world at large can no longer have full access to Jeanne's wisdom, her music, and constant reports regarding Tampa weather patterns.

I could almost hear the nine people who read it, start to cry.

She said she wouldn't be silenced.  She wouldn't stop posting.  She would not shut down her blog.

And good for her on all of that.

But it does beg the question, if you blog and no one can read it, are you really blogging?




    Stay away from my wife or face the consequences. You are a sad woman who is stuck in the snow and a waste of everyone's time to read.

    Cease and desist. You are being reported to the authorities. If you do any more of what you have been doing you are going to be reported and further legal action will be taken.

    Please take care of your children or face the consequences.

  3. I'm a little confused. The comment from Scott is just a link to my own blog. The comment from Jeanne is written as if it were Scott saying it.

    Are you using your wife's account? Or, Jeanne, are you writing it as if you were your husband? I don't know.

    But I'll answer anyway.

    I have never seen Jeanne or been anywhere near her. I live thousands of miles away. How much more space does she need?

    What authorities am I being reported to? And for what? I've broken no laws and done nothing wrong.

    Cease and desist what? Writing a blog? What about freedom of speech? I thought you guys were big fans of that.

    What legal action are you planning to take?

    I will continue to take care of my children, thanks. I'm sure you're really concerned about their well being.


  4. I am Sergeant Okee-wan-kachobee from the Tampa Bay Interwebs Police SWAT Tactical Unit and we have found your blog to be in violation of Sec. 348714.A7F which states that "If you unwittingly cause the voluntary shutdown of another blogger's site due to illuminating their fucktardary, you shall receive no fewer than 20 high-fives and a life-long membership to Faith & Families." Please comply at your earliest convenience.

  5. I'll take the high fives.

    I don't know that I'm Faith & Family material. lol

  6. So, "Scott" has asked me to cease and desist. And he's a lawyer, so he should know when a cease and desist order is appropriate. But a quick search for him brought up information that said he's not licenced to practice law in Florida.

    I wonder if I should be scared or not?

  7. So if Scott Stark is currently not licensed to practice Law in Florida, why does he currently have a craigslist advert offering his services as a Lawyer? Surely that isn't right.

  8. Is "stuck in the snow" bad? I will take the snow over the hot hell that is Florida! Don't even get me started on Tampa.

    So...Jeanne can write blogs about you and post whatever she wants about you and that's freedom of speech. You dispute what she says and she wants to report you. Got it.

  9. I would take the snow over Florida, too. I don't like Florida. The weather sucks and all the crazy people live there.

  10. I just realized that the link Jeanne/Scott posted, is a link to what I think must be a response blog for this one. Only, it's invite only, so no one can read it. I am dying over here laughing so hard!

    Have at it Sc/eanne. Have a blast. It's hilarious that you would make a blog for my benefit that I can't read.