Monday, March 4, 2013

Journalism Never Rests

I think it may, however, lay down when it gets tired.

And maybe that's the issue.  Poor Jeanne is just tired.

Tired of writing sentences that make sense.

Tired of writing titles that explain what she's talking about.

Tired of making verbs and subjects agree.

Journalism is hard work, people, and sometimes, you need a break.

Hence blog titles like this:

Our local bishop in St.Pete's blog. Tell some of those bloggers even he asks that there questions. We are confessed bums here loved by God in Florida. His blog is busy this week.
Is it a blog from Saint Peter's church?  A city?  I don't know.

Should he tell bloggers something?   Should we tell bloggers something?  I don't know that either.

What are "there questions"?  How does that sentence make sense?  Does Jeanne know how to appropriately use "there" "their" and "they're"?  Granted that can be tough for some people.

I didn't know that Floridians were confessed bums, but I will say that having a section titled "Florida" makes a lot more sense now that I know that.

I wonder if they're loved by God only in Florida? If they leave Florida, will they still be loved by God?

Apparently His blog is busy this week.  I didn't even know God had a blog.  I guess FMIFA is educational after all.

Jeanne has proven that she holds a degree and writes things.  Look her up on YouTube, it's enlightening.  So, now I'm left to question whether she just chooses not to use her education to communicate effectively through the written word, or if the University she went to, just sucks.

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