Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jeanne Posts Banned Comments....or something.

Jeanne has apparently been banned from somewhere.
Who's shocked?  Yeah, me neither.

And apparently people aren't sorry to see her go!

Yeah, still no shock here.

But she posts banned comments from bloggers?  That has to be a quote from elsewhere.  I know she doesn't post comments she doesn't like.  She's banned me from commenting on her blog.  That's why I started this one.  And I played nice over there, like I was debating real issues with a reasonable person.

I think Jeanne can dish it out, but she can't take it.  She is fine with posting inflammatory things at sites that she looks down on.  But we'd better never want to post anything even remotely disagreeing with her on her blog.

Listen, we just all need to realize that Jeanne is smarter than we are, more Catholic than we are, better educated than we are, and better able to decide what our kids need than we are.  They should really just skip all the pomp and make her Pope.

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