Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Privacy Please

FMIFA has gone back to private.  It's invite only, which is always going to disappoint her loyal fans  (fans or people who can't help but want to watch the crazy).  It certainly is hard to comment, critique, or otherwise discuss a blog I can't read.  But it's got to be killing her that no one else can read it either.

After all, her blog is so special.  It's copyrighted and everything.  (insert eye roll here)


  1. She has a new public blog (but comments are closed) on wordpress. There is a recent post where she told a whole bunch of lies about Faith&Family Live/Catholic Digest, and claims to have shut down the message boards there, which she hasn't (they're just hidden in a spot where she hasn't been clever enough to find them).

  2. How sad that you've had to hide your message boards from her. It seems like there should be a better way.

  3. I know, it's ridiculous. And consequently, lots of other commenters can't find it either, so she has succeeded in reducing activity on the Catholic Digest forums. But at least she hasn't shut them down the way she thinks she has. She is really something else. Were you a member of the Catholic Fertility yahoo group? That's where I first had the pleasure of encountering Jeanne (in 2005).